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I’m back at Ashokan for a wedding. I feel like there are some pholks missing from this photo. #phootcamp (at Ashokan Center)

Photo by @matthewmahon #phootcamp (Taken with Instagram at Phoot Camp)

It’s time again, everybody, for a Phoot Tastic Camp time. These are the photos I took last year.

outtakes from my Phoot Camp self portrait

It’s gonna be a wacky weekend.

I am in the process of rebuilding my website using Virb and photos from my phoot friends. 

having some transfer issues -  http://chadnicholson.virb.com/

Chisholm Trail Ride (by icopythat)

I am going to be riding horseback 400 miles along the Chisholm Trail in Texas traveling with Tyler Sharp, who I met at Phoot Camp

We are trying to generate interest in the trail and help it become a National Historic Trail, place markers along the trail, and create a documentary of the entire process. 

We need funds. Kickstarter is where the cool kids hang out, but we would like the donors to also get a tax deduction, which means indie gogo. Has anyone had to choose? Any other ideas on how to raise money? What are your thoughts?

Beto Ruiz Alonso

Beto was my photo-buddy. He is one of the most generous people I’ve met… I don’t know if that’s the word - whatever the word I may find later, it is good. I didn’t get to play with him much over our short few days, but whenever I did he always made me smile.

Follow the Phoot Camp blog on Tumblr to see everyone’s work. 

©Chad Nicholson

Obviously, this should really be an instagram, because everyone loves sunsets, but I just noticed for the first time that by mousing over some photos on tumblr you get an “i” in the bottom left which, when clicked, flips the photo over to see metadata… now, I may be late on the train here, but, 1) When did that happen? and 2) WHY WOULDN’T COPYRIGHT BE BACK THERE? 

So, I am uploading one of the last photos I took at phootcamp to see if my metadata will pop up and because we all love some good light. Silhouettes of, give or take, Daniel Sung Lee, Dan Busta, Ryan SchudeLauren Randolph, Michelle Alexis Newman, and Caesy Oney. Oh, and I just realized a similar photo is the main photo of my video, way to go brain.

Follow the Phoot Camp blog to keep up with everyone’s work.

EDIT: so, my EXIF data shows but not general metadata - keywords, notes, title, caption, or copyright notice… so close, tumblr, and so seemingly easy to fix. EDIT II: if you take the photo and drag it to your desktop and then look at the info on it, it shows the metadata.

Here it is - every phoot camp photo I took over the past week traveling to and from Marfa, TX. I’m calling it a “personal time lapse”. Though I wouldn’t normally show 9/10 of these photos with the world, I feel like this may be the only way to share part of my experience. I highly suggest watching at full HD on full screen. It was an amazing time with wonderful artists (and great people).

Follow the Phoot Camp blog on Tumblr to see everyone’s work.

What I learned at Phoot Camp

I learned to have fun with my camera again. 

For the last couple of years my camera became work; I stopped carrying it around with me, I even stopped using my iphone for taking photos, I just used it for work. During Phoot I got back into the snapshot taking, fun documenting, entertaining-for-the-art-of-it shots. I may not have taken brilliant or extremely artistic or elaborately composed shots - but I was surrounded by people who did… and that was enough. Looking back through my photos (I took around 2,500 and got it down to a first cut of 150) I see them all as an experience of a whole; the photos are what I saw and felt for the last week. I don’t know how to share them properly yet. I don’t know if I want to everyone to see them separately because I don’t like most  website interfaces or even slide show players - perhaps I’ll create my own slide show. I take such wide angle shots that I prefer them to be seen as large as possible, even the shot above doesn’t mean the same to me when seen 1/4 size because I was there, and it was real size and real weird. 

Anyway, I digress. It was an amazing week with some amazing people and I will be posting links to all sorts of photos and talented pholks over the next few weeks.

Thank you Phooters for reminding me that my tools can be used for love.