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Many people remember their childhood video influences much better than I do. Watching this video of “Mr. Wizard” I remember almost every one of the clips and what they were supposed to teach you. I don’t think he was being a dick (as the video is named) but rather it was his style of teaching; which was exactly my style of learning. He is not beating around the bush, he is not being mean, he corrects the children with a smile on his face, and often the kids are smiling too. I can probably still recreate just about all of these experiments. I really wanted to be on that show. My dad remembers watching him when he was a kid as well, this is one of the videos from the 50’s.

I think a great deal of my life was shaped at an early age people I never met; Mr. Wizard, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Henson, and Mr. Dahl. They taught me to be inquisitive, kind, creative, and crafty, respectively. Thank you, gentlemen. 

  1. charlietodd said: Yeah I watched this guy like crazy and don’t remember him being a dick at all.
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